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The Triad Lumber System. The Industry's Leading Automation Solution

FLEXIBLE CONTRACTOR PRICING. Over 1200 dealers use Triad's Lumber System for productivity and profitability at the contractor desk. With Quick View fas and efficient look-up, it's a breeze to create accurate quotes that have built-in margins. Any employee can call up a complete job picture. When market prices fluctuate, reprice "on the fly" with the flexible pricing phase, and your profits are certain.

CUSTOM MILLWORK ORDERING. Triad's Millwork(tm) software solution lets you outmanuver the competition by executing millwork orders quickly and accurately. It lets novice and expert alike "custom package" windows, doors and accessories while eliminating special order mill inventory. And, you can track them through Triad's new special order "discover" program and view the status of each order.

RESULS-ORIENTED TRAINING. Installing a lumber system is only the beginning. Triad helps you to produce results so you get the return on investment you deserve. That's why we offer local training at your yard, anywhere in the country. We'll even arrage special education programs for your employees. With over 120 field offices across the country, Triad becomes your automation partner forever.

MULTIPLE LOCATION SOLUTIONS. Triad offers a wide range of custom solutions to coordinate the activities of one or multiple yards. We can convert data from your present system to Triad Lumber System without a glitch. Or connect your Triad System to existing equipment. We can even arrange custom installation training sessions for your employees. Whatever your needs, our local lumber specialists or in-house programmers, and technicians can handle them.

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